Abaya and Its Role in Globalization

Abaya and its evolution have been affected by forces of globalization and has influenced everything ranging from its designation as a national dress in UAE to its look, production of black abaya and also on sale of abaya online and in stores.

The popular trends of Western fashion in Arab countries are unconcealed and trends in increasing fashion have an unquestionable influence on design and style of black abaya also, which has increased sale of abaya online too. Beljafla is a brand famous for unique abaya made in order to match the color of the heels, designer bags of the buyers. The Muslim women cannot display their stylish clothes in public and hence the black abaya which is trendy and stylish become a replacement to be in limelight. Many designers incorporate material from various international fashion houses into the abaya creation. They also try to include motifs and symbols such as lace, leather, animal prints, floral patterns and zodiac signs in the tailoring of abaya online.

The work of designers has an influence on globalization as they directly influence the Western style of fashion in the styling of abayas but are inspired by the vintage fashions and traditional garments around the world. Miss abaya is an online store for black abaya and has tailored various elegant and stylish abayas in the store which has its history in London. There are designers who have developed abayas for inspiration and created their own signature style abayas based on the global fashion heritage.

Traditionally, abaya was sold only in stores in person, but due to globalization, it has started to be stored over the internet also. Originally, they were made-to-order from any local tailor or seamstresses or were brought in malls or local shops. However, due to development of new technologies, women in Arab and other Muslim countries can purchase their abayas from anywhere in the region or around the world. Abaya online has given designers a new platform to spread their designs and get access all over the world for a global clientele.