All about Johannes Leonardo’s new openings

Johannes Leonardo is now open at Soho by WPP as its owner and running their business in a full-fledged manner. The top clients for Johannes Leonardo in the recent years are Mondelez, Coke, Adidas, and TripAdvisor. The journey of the agency has not been much smooth altogether. However, now they are in a position where their economy and productivity has been increased by four times of what it used to be since it was inaugurated in the year 2007. The agency performed a standout task for Google which mainly asked to upload videos by all the customers of the products by Google on a separate website. There were more than a billion impressions grabbed through this which incurred a lot of awards and fame and became publicly known since then. Johannes Leonardo has bagged all of the seven pitches in which it took a participation in the past year. The best work done by the agency for the giant Adidas is the creation of Originals. This had a launch for the shoe that starred many celebrities like David Beckham and Pharrell Williams.

On landing the corporation like TripAdvisor in the past year, the agency made the site for travel and destination under its right. There has been a huge contribution to the staff towards the company and this is the reason why the company praises them well to make them stick as a team. Once every week, usually on Fridays, a cocktail party is organized where the theme and type of cocktails are chosen by the staff themselves.

There are a number of surfers working in this agency, this is Johannes has done an investment on a truck to ferry around the beach when the god waves appear. This is done to reveal the potential of the staff to the fullest as the need of creativity and progress is of utmost importance to the agency.