Different ways to wear your abaya and make it look stylish

Every Muslim woman living in any part of the world knows how important abaya to their religion, culture, and tradition is. This is the reason that despite being counted as one of the intelligent beings, they never keep themselves from wearing it. But with the changing time, the way of wearing the traditional abaya has changed too. You can wear the same abaya in many different ways as per the occasion or your choice and can give it another striking look. Today, we will some of the amazing ways to wear your abaya and to look stylish yet elegant.

  • Pair it up with a belt

One of the amazing ways to wear abaya is adding an accessory that spices up the look but keeps the feel abaya intact. A single belt can change the overall look of abaya completely and you will realize that it did bring some amazing change but the meaning of abaya remains the same. If you mostly own black abaya, pair it up with a golden belt.

  • Abaya with a long shrug

Long shrugs are very much in fashion and go well with almost every type of clothing. If you have abaya, you can very well pair it up with a long shrug, try to go contrast. It will look elegant and give other some serious fashion goals.

  • Abaya with scarves

Wearing hijab with abaya is very common, but adding up an additional scarf can change it totally. You will look extra stunning and will keep on repeating the way every other day. Go with some floral design and bright colours to keep up with fashion.

You can find many such amazing ways of wearing abaya UK as well. Just try out your hands on them and slowly you will excel at the art of wearing them in the best possible way.