Enjoy Smoking Without Harmful Effects of Nicotine

People who are addict to smoking to which we call them chain smokers are harmed by the smoke inhaled in cigarette smoking. The smoke contains nicotine, a harmful chemical substance for your body. The tar or ash in cigarette smoking is more harmful compared to nicotine because this tar enters into the lungs through inhaled smoke and damage lungs. The scientific studies have proved that cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. This is not enough because smoking can harm your body in many other ways. Fetal deformities during pregnancy are common in cigarette smoking women. Legislatures in many countries do not permit sale of cigarettes or any other tobacco-based product to individuals under 18 years of age.


What is e-cigarette

E-cigaret or e-cigarette is boon for cigarette smokers. It is a small device which offers an alternative to cigarette smokers. E-cigarette uses e-væske the vapors of which provide feeling of real smoke of a cigarette, but it doesn’t actually emit smoke and that’s why the hazards of smoking are mitigated by e-cigarette smoking. This is proved by the scientific research studies.

How e-cigaretteswork

E-cigaretter are battery-operated devices. The batteries are used either in manual or automatic mode. The latter mode is used for automatic activation when device is turned on. E-cigarette battery is rechargeable and can be used for long time with full charge. Battery heats up the coil that warms liquid in the container which produces steam and emits vapors. The vapors can be inhaled through the nozzle provided for this purpose. E-cigarette comes with complete starter kit containing device, liquid, battery, and charger. The electronic device with USB charger can be conveniently used anywhere.

Benefits of e- juice

The e-juice or liquid is a beneficial element in this device because it is not only less harmful but can be purchased in variants of different fruit flavors also. It is good method to enjoy smoking but to avoid nicotine intake.