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Human beings are the most complicated of all animals in the world. They know to differentiate between the good and the bad. And sometimes, even when they would know that something is not bad, they would often classify the thing on a bad note just because most of the population does so. Gay rights have recently been looked upon and there has been a law passed just for the people who are gay. Gay can be said in terms of both girls and boys.

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There are several free gay eBooks on the internet which we think if you give a read, might change the way you look up to these souls. Being gay is not a crime. There are far better love stories in the gay and the lesbian world than in the normal straight world of love and affection. Love, as said before, comes in many forms. It doesn’t matter if someone like and loves a person from the same or the opposite gender. It must not and never become a taboo.

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Defining the new areas of love and affection

Writers like Rita May Brown, Oscar Wilde, Leroy Aarons etcetera has set a new era of love and romance for these couple for being gay and lesbians. There are many uncountable free gay romance novels on the internet which are available for download.

These books can easily be found on various sites on the internet and charges no fees for downloading the same. These books express the feeling of one being gay or lesbian, the tough times the person goes through and finally the breakthrough and the freedom expressed in these books are brilliant.

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