Guidelines for creating kiksnapme account

Kiksnapme is very useful when you start using it properly otherwise it may become a lot of trouble for you because in case if you get connected with unwanted people and if you start sharing all media, text files and any other documents or videos then people may start using it against you.

Hence, you need to very clearly have a picture with whom you are going to share your account details and all of the other things and even when you trying to send a friend request to somebody on this app you have to be very careful in finding out a person and even in case if you accept somebody’s request, it is very important that you go ahead and be really careful in sharing the information that you want to share using


The next thing to always remember is never to go ahead and share anything offensive on Snapchat because people can always use it as evidence and they can always take advantage of you. In case if there is Hence, you have to be very careful in sharing any of the offensive details or something because it’s always good to go ahead and use the application for good purpose is instead of trying to use it for something else and landing into trouble.

You should be very careful in going ahead and accepting the media that people are sending to you because some of the media would be larger in size and also some of them could even send a virus so that they’ll be able to access all your phone data and everything.

Whenever you are accepting the data from somebody you need to be very careful on  because on this particular medium you’ll be able to accept all kinds of file and of different sizes.