How different is Umrah from Hajj?

Islam is one of the fastest growing religions and this also increases the faith amongst the people. Today, Muslims have spread out in almost all part of the world, but their faith for their religion remains the same. They never miss out on their daily prayers or keeping fast on the pious month of Ramadan. Like every religion, Islam too has their own pilgrims and sacred places. Though Hajj is a well-known one even to the non-Muslims, there is Umrah that also takes in the same importance as the former one. But, there are many differences between both of the pilgrims and their practices. Today, we will share some of the most important and evident differences here.

  • Hajj is compulsory for every Muslim to visit conditioned they maintain a good health and has a stable finance. On another hand, Umrah though being an important pilgrim for Muslims is not mandatory to visit and is optional.
  • The hajj prayers are offered in a specific month owing its importance in the Islamic calendar, but Umrah doesn’t have any specific month and it can be performed in any time of the year.

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  • The prayer and rituals offered at Hajj are done in detailing and it can take a lot of time whereas Umrah prayers merely take a couple of hours.
  • Hajj has been given a place of 5 pillars in Islam. Umrah on other side is important to Islam but has not been designated with any high regards.

Despite the difference Hajj and Umrah shares, both are standing with high hopes in their religion and filling with the same to the Muslim devotees. No matter if you are visiting any of this places, one thing you should do is look for Hajj packages or Umrah packages depending on where you are heading to.