Though teak garden bench has the reputation of lasting lifetime, it requires some care once a while. It’s not much when compared to other types of wood. So here are some of the caring tips for teak garden bench:

teak garden bench

  1. Keeping it indoors: teak like any other wood expands and contrast during hot and cold climate respectively. Constant exposure can lead to cracks sometime; it’s recommend that you keep in indoors when not in use.
  2. Use sealer: sealer doesn’t do much to its longevity. The teak is usually honey brown color and as it grows old it becomes grey color. It’s natural and doesn’t affect its durability. It has natural oils which protects your teak patio furniture from ruining and doesn’t need any external oiling. You can apply sealer meant for teak to preserve its natural honey brown color.
  3. Using cleaner: when you buy sealed teak furniture, remember not to oil it at all. Using oil on top of it can lead to mildew growth. Always use cleaner for stains meant for teak only. Opt for an environmental friendly one.
  4. General cleaning: you can buy cleaning agent from store or just apply vinegar to warm water which can be used to clean your teak. Dampen the surface and then clean with a soft cloth. Don’t use metal pads; it can hamper the teak surface. Also don’t use pressurized water.
  5. Stain removal: you can use plastic brushes to remove any stains on the teak furniture. In case of stubborn stains, you can either bleach it or use sandpaper and scrub the stains out.

Teaks are usually hard and can withstand extreme climates. You just have to apply sealer once a year to make sure that your teak is maintained well.