Importance of regular flushing to control legionella

Sometimes before switching up tenants at a place, it is often left unused for weeks or even longer. In such cases, due to little used water outlets the possibility of existence of legionella bacteria increases. Here are some of measures that can be takes for legionella control in empty places:

  1. Regular flushing in empty places: When the place is occupied the water system is regularly used. But if the property is empty for a couple of months, the risk to legionella increases. They can easily grow and multiply. It’s very much important in the part of landlord to have regular flushing when the place is left vacant. This can help in spreading of the bacteria till the place is rented out.

legionella control

  1. Five minute flushing: When the place is not being used, regular weekly flushing is often advised so to reduce chances of legionella growth. You can do this by opening of the taps and water outlets for five minutes. Make sure that you have are maintaining a hot and cold water system. Make sure that you maintain hot water of 50 degree Celsius and cold water of 20 degree Celsius so as kill any legionella content in water.
  2. Protect yourself from splashing: when the water outlets are not being used for long, there are chances that they are home to harmful legionella bacteria. Sometimes, even the splashing of water can lead to legionnaire’s diseases.
  3. Pre-handover flushing: As a part of legionella risk assessment, residential landlords are advised to do pre-handover flushing before a week tenants arrive. Landlords have to make frequent visit so as to do regular flushing of water. And before the tenants move in, the hot and cold water outlets has to be run for more than five minutes so as to flush out the stagnant water.