Learning From Experience – Leo Promutico

Quitting their regular jobs at Saatchi and Saatchi, Leo Premutico and his business partner Jan Jacobs risked it all to start their own agency Johans Johannesburg. He along with is partner ventured into the marketing industry backed by top British advertising company, WPP and founded their own firm Johans Johansberg. Having travelled many places, he comes with ideas that consist of elements from different cultures.

Working with companies like Google, coca cola and Bacardi, he was able to expand business with his partner. Having a positive thinking and passion for his work, he and his partner were able to go global.

Creativity doubles with Jan Jacobs

Johannes Leonardo’s co-founder Jan Jacobs started his business venture by joining hands with his partner Leo promutico to start their own business agency. He exhibits his creative work with his South African roots and learnt to draw from comic books and watching television. He and his partner being optimistic about the industry have thus made their business deals go global.

He actually risked leaving his regular job to start his own business and as a resulted led to the foundation of Johannes Leonardo’s existence today.

Johannes Leonardo’s success into the market

Leo Promutico and Jan Jacobs are the two creative minds responsible for the existence of Johanne’s Leonardo. These two together founded this business agency after quitting their regular jobs. Having travelled many places, their entity is the fusion of different cultures from around the world and hence gained popularity in the industry. Being backed by a top multinational company like WPP, Johannes Leonardo has found its way into the creative marketing world.

Have business deals with companies like Google and coca cola, they have formed a platform for their company in the marketing industry as an agency. Thus their company has indeed gained success in the market and recognized globally.