Safety features to look for in trampolines

In order to avoid any injury hazards related to trampolines, it has to be installed with certain features that will assure 100 percent safety. No all trampolines are safe, so keep in mind below features that you need to look for.  You can find all about trampoline features at Here are the basic safety features:




  1. Proper set up: There may be cases when the trampolines are not properly set up which can lead to injury. Every trampoline will have its set up instructions to set up. Make sure that the guidelines are clear to understand and the trampolines are set up as per the instructions. Don’t miss any step.
  2. Enclosures: You can get trampolines without enclosure net as well. But there will be risk with it. These net are quite strong and thick and can take up huge impacts. So when buying make sure the net is not thin and light.
  3. No rope connections: Enclosures when attached to the frame with rope connections can be dangerous. You can face problems like entanglement and strangulation. So read reviews at com and choose the one without rope connections. Even though you will have to spend some more money, at least you will have safety.
  4. Frame and padding: Metal frames are quite common in trampolines. These frames can lead to several injuries. So, go for the ones not having metal frames or check for padding on frame.
  5. Poles and springs: Check if these are not hard else you may get prone to injuries. Make sure that these are rust–resistant or they may deteriorate over time. Cheap trampolines will have metal pieces that can get corroded easily when kept outside for long. So make sure that it has galvanized steel parts which won’t get rusted over time.