Symptoms of flaky skin around eyes

When it comes to dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts, people have doubts such as at what age the symptoms can be seen and whether home remedies are enough to cure it. article on under eye dryness says that these symptoms are biased to any age. It can occur anytime. Though with age, it can get common but you will find young generations also getting flaky skin under yes these days. This is due to usage of harsh chemicals in the sensitive eye area. Age doesn’t always contribute to it but it can also be reason as with age your skin loses its ability to retain moisture as a result getting dried up easily. You are almost aware about how to treat skin around eyes tips but what are its symptoms, let’s discuss: article on under eye dryness

  1. Dryness: It is the most common feature. It you are only finding dryness then skin gets dehydrated easily, make sure that you have enough water and apply moisturizer.
  2. Itchiness: When dryness is not taken care, you can find the area getting itchy. If not frequent then avoid itching and apply some.
  3. Scaly skin and redness: If you are finding the affected area to be scaly and red, then it’s important that you seek medical advice else it can get worse.
  4. Sometimes you can find pain around the eyes accompanied by watering of eyes. If you are finding difficulty opening eyes for a longer time then its best that you get it checked. Sometimes it can be symptoms of skin disease also.
  5. Swelling and soreness: You can find your eye area getting sore and swollen up.

If all these symptoms are ignored your condition can get worse. You can do some home remedies to control the situation. But it won’t work if your condition is worse. So better get it seen by a doctor and then follow the precautionary measures.