The concepts of Cell Biology and Chromosomes

Before going to detailed description about chromosome, you need to understand about the basic unit of living organisms which are cells. All living organisms are made up of cells. They work like cute little machines performing various tasks inside the human system to make your body function properly. Although there are n number of cells in the human body with different shapes like squashed shape, doughnut shape and irregular shape yet the basic parts of all these cells are the same.

What is a Cell and how it helps in the formation of Chromosomes?

Cell are basic units of living things and is covered with cell membrane with a liquid material called cytoplasm. Inside the cytoplasm you will find a large structure called nucleus. Nucleus are found only in the eukaryotic cells and not unlike single celled organism like bacteria (prokaryotes). The nucleus constitutes the genetic information. The DNA molecule and large ingredients of proteins are present in the genetic material which are responsible for the formation of chromosomes. Nucleus has a vital role to play in cell biology. They control the eating, movement and reproduction.


Role of Chromosomes in determining sex

Meiosis is a type of process that involves sexual reproduction in living organisms. They are mainly responsible for creating sperm and egg cells. However the fundamental process of life is through mitosis. Chromosome are the ones which carry the heredity information, they are the ones to determine the sex. In humans, two gametes fuse to form zygote, the sex is determined by the presence or absence of certain chromosomes.

Summing it up

Sex chromosomes are reproduced through process called meiosis. When the male gamete and female gamete unite, it results in fertilization. However in reptiles, sex is determined by the temperature of the surroundings as well.